British culture was spread worldwide by the breadth and extent of the British empire. At one point, they held influence over 400 million people, and of over 13 million square miles on this planet. With their sheer size and extent, they were able to popularize British cuisine and major British brands such Mcvities, Birds, PG Tips, and many more. They popularized meals such as baked beans on toast, and breakfast tea with digestive biscuits.
Today, British foods are not only popular among British expats, but among Asians, Africans, Middle Easterners, and Europeans. Spicy World brings you some of the UK's most well-known brands such as Mcvities, Heinz baked beans, Ribena, Birds custard, and many more. So take some time off for an afternoon tea, or indulge in some milk-chocolate digestives, and enjoy all the great brands that the UK has to offer!

Spicy World is a direct importer for many of your favorite British brands, such as Mcvities, Heinz, Nestle, PG Tips, and many more. Nutritional powerhouses packed with health-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Mcvities cookies are some of the most popular in the world. In fact, Mcvities Digestives are the highest-selling biscuit in the world. Heinz baked beans don't just taste great, but are nutritious too, high in fibre, high in protein and low in fat which is so popular that it can be found on any British breakfast menu.

Ribena and Lucozade offers the unique taste which can be found on the streets of London at every turn and has been enjoyed all over the world.

You can get great-tasting flavours and drinking styles, with some scrummy reduced-sugar options. So consumers of any age can enjoy fantastic fruity flavours brought by Spicy World of USA, whatever the occasion.

Stronger than most Indian and African teas, PG Tips has a similar taste to our english breakfast tea. A popular British blend of the finest Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas, which produces a rich and refreshing flavor.

It is blended and packaged in UK. Always innovating and improving its products, PG Tips features pyramid-shaped tea bags, which allow more room for tea to infuse and produce a better flavor. Spicy World brought this free flow Pyramid bags for you, which result in fast brewing and a superior taste.
We have been distributing British foods for over 20 years throughout the USA. Other important lines that we carry for British stores are colman's mustard, farley's rusks, jacob's cream crackers, heinz baked beans, bounty chocolate, bird's custard powder, ribena, mcvities cookies, royalty cookies, rajah masalas
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