Don’t ever forget, hundreds of years ago, a life without spice was so incredible difficult that people sailed around the world looking for it.  And these weren’t luxury cruises.  These were harsh, risk your life, ‘fall of the edge of the Earth’ kind of voyages.  Yet they still did it.  All because they believed that you should…

Never Live a Life Without Spice.

Today, Spicy World brings you not only the best spices, but also the most authentic foods from around the world with the same passion.  All so we can be a part of your culinary journey.

Our Products




100% Pure Henna Powder

This is the best henna I have tried — it’s smooth, the color is vibrant, it leaves my hair shiny (you need to know how to prepare it of course) and I like how it comes with a brush, shower cap and a pair of gloves. I mix it with strongly brewed black tea and a shot of espresso to a yogurt-like consistency and leave it in my hair for 2 hours.


Green Coffee Beans

This one’s really effective and much cheaper than the other green coffee beans currently available in the market. It is very helpful for weight loss. I started using it and I feels It help in increasing metabolism, and improves digestion too. Completely Satisfied with this product. This is a good product and gives good feeling while consuming and even improves digestion. I recommend it..



Mediterranean food is popular in the Detroit area where I live and I have been attempting to master the cuisine at home. This sumac tastes exactly like what you eat at the restaurants here. My family went absolutely bonkers for this in fattoush salad and on top of the homemade hummus I made. I will be buying from this company again.

S. Bacon

Green Cardamom Pods

Most of the Cardamon that supermarkets sell is old in comparison to this one. Its very clear that this product is extremely fresh and packed well and because of that I give it 5 stars and so far the best Green Cardamon I have seen on the market..! We have purchased this product 3 times already and plan in buying it again.
Cardamon is an antioxidant, contains cancer fighting compounds and has anti inflammatory effects… There are more benefits that cardamon offers too long to list.

Tommaso Candiano

Mcvities Digestive Biscuit

I love this cookie! there is only 2.5 grams of sugar and there is no artificial flavors or colors in it,
I think in the biscuit or cookie world Digestive biscuits are the healthiest and the most delicious ones! I love this brand because of low sugar content and the great taste of their biscuits. Highly recommend this seller they send you the biscuits directly from the England which is the manufacturer country.
super happy with my purchase

Hoda S

Almonds Whole

My kids love almonds and therefore we are always in the market for nuts and almonds. I value raw products over the roasted and salted ones since, they taste better and I can process them to my liking if I want to.

Freshness and the price are the main driving factors for me while purchasing almonds and, for both criteria, this Spicy world product rates very high. I buy other dry goods (spices etc.) from this company through amazon’s subscribe and save program. I have not had any complaints about the packaging, delivery and freshness.