West African cuisine begins with simple rice dishes, and can slowly evolve into delectable stews, yam preparations, and groundnut soup. The use of red palm oil, exotic spices, and specialty flours offer flavors as unique and beautiful as the culture itself.
Spicy World offers many West African ingredients such as parboiled rice, farina and semolina flours, and red palm oil. We also wholesale favorite brands such as Milo, Ovaltine, Peak milk, and many more. Today, our products can be found in almost every West African grocery store in the USA. So the next time, you think West African, think Spicy World!

omni Palm Oil is 100 % sustainable, it’s the simple reason why it tastes so pure and authentic. Extracted using the traditional method of natural palm oil extraction, this is the same method that has been used throughout small West African villages for centuries.

The best palm fruit oil is the sustainable type that comes from the continent of origin West Africa facilities to guarantee a hygienic and fresh tasting oil you can be proud to cook with. With Spicy World you get the best Omni Palm Oil right to your door step.

Peak milk powder and Peak evaporated milk are staples in any West African household. This milk offers a unique, whole milk taste packed with nutrients that support a stronger body, mind performance, and a healthy diet.

Spicy World is a direct importer of Peak Milk products. Peak milk products are sold nationwide in over 500 African and International retails outlets throughout North America.

Whether you are looking for Farina and Semolina, or Rice flour and Oats fufu, we have all your favorite flours at Spicy World.

Use our flours in your everyday cooking, and be confident that you are getting the purest, most hygienic, and best tasting flours anywhere.
Other important lines that we carry for African stores are Par excellence parboiled rice, Tropiway fufu, Black eye peas, Peanuts, Milo, Ovaltine, Ribena, Lucozade, Heinz beans, Cerelac baby food, Mcvities cookies, Royalty cookies, Birds custard, Dudu-Osun soap
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